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Ls xgt complete plc rack

This is a new XGT series plc rack with below listed components. All components are new in the factory box. I have other LG items. If you don't see what you are looking for in my other listed items, ask me. I will guarantee not to be DOA. Product must be returned within 14 days.
(1) XGB-M12A 12 slot main base board
(1) XGP-ACF1 power supply, input voltage range: free voltage, output voltage: DC5V/DC24V Output current: 3A/.6A
(1) XGK-CPUS No. of input/output points 3,072 points, No. of input/output device points: 32,000 Program capacity 32K steps, Processing speed (LD instruction) .084us
(1) XGF-AV8A Analog input card, voltage input, 8 channels, input: DC1-5V, 0-5V, 0-10V, -10-10V Output resolution: 0-16000, -8000-8000, 1000-5000, 0-5000, 0-10000, -10000-10000 Conversion speed: 250us/channel 18 point terminal block
(1) XGF-DC4A Analog output card, current output, 4 channels, Input(resolution) 0-16000, -8000-8000, 4000-20000, 0-20000, 0-20000, 0-10000 Output: DC 4-20ma, 0-20mA conversion speed: 250us/channel, 18 point terminal block
(2) XGI-D22A 16 point DC Input cards, 16 points DC24V, 4mA Response time 1/5/10/20/70ms 16 points/COM Sink/Source type
(2) XGQ-RY2A 16 point relay output card, 16 points DC12/24V, AC 110/220V 2A/point 5A/COM response time 10ms or less (off to on)12 ms or less (on to off) 16 points/ com
(1) K1C-050A serial communication cable

Ls xgt complete plc rack Ls xgt complete plc rack