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Lot of (2) wattstopper ci-200 occupancy sensors
CI-200 360° Degree PIR Sensors
* Built-in light level sensor in CI-200
* Adjustable sensitivity & digital time delay
* CI-200 contains an isolated relay for use with HVAC or other control systems
* ASIC enhances reliability and helps to eliminate false triggers
* High immunity to RFI and EMI
* UL and CUL Listed; Five year warranty
The Watt Stopper1s CI-200 and CI-205 are passive infrared occupancy sensors which provide 360° coverage. The sensor1s low-profile design ensures a clean and uncluttered ceiling appearance suitable to any modern office. The sensors work as part of an integrated system of lighting control with other Watt Stopper occupancy sensors to reliably control lighting in a variety of applications.
The 24 VDC occupancy sensors control lighting systems through Watt Stopper power packs. The units operate by turning lighting on when a person enters the controlled area. Occupancy is sensed when the unit detects a change in infrared heat radiated in motion within the controlled area. After the area is vacated and after a user-adjustable time delay, lighting automatically turns off. The CI sensors utilize The Watt Stopper1s ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) technology which reduces the sensors1 components and provides greater reliability to users. The ASIC also incorporates Pulse Count Processing and Detection Signature Analysis which helps to eliminate false triggers and provides immunity to RFI and EMI.
The sensors feature a user-adjustable time delay which functions through a highly accurate digital timer. The time delay is programmed with a DIP switch and can be set from 15 seconds to 30 minutes by 2 minute increments. Sensitivity is also programmed through the DIP switch and has 4 settings from minimum to maximum sensitivity. Controls are accessible beneath the sensor's front housing. The CI-200 features a light level output that can be used to create bi-level lighting for added convenience and energy savings. The CI-200 contains a single-pole, double-throw isolated relay that can be used to interface with HVAC, EMS, monitoring systems, or with an additional lighting load.
The CI-200 and CI-205 have an attractive, low-profile design and a superior coverage pattern which combine to reliably control lighting while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing ceiling appearance. Coverage for the sensors can reach up to 1200 square feet using the Extended Range lens and 500 square feet using the High Density lens (circular pattern) for walking motion. For typical desktop level activity coverage can reach up to 300 square feet. Applications include open office spaces, computer rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, and warehouses. Areas with high ceilings or with two-level lighting can also be controlled. Due to low initial cost and the great energy saving potential, the sensors offer fast payback rates.
# Dual-element, temperature compensated pyroelectric sensor
# The Watt Stopper s ASIC technology reduces components and enhances reliability
# Pulse Count Processing eliminates false offs without reducing sensitivity
# Detection Signature Analysis eliminates false triggers; provides immunity to RFI and EMI
# CI-200 contains isolated relay with N/O and N/C outputs; rated for 1 Amp at 24 VDC
# Red LED indicates occupancy detection
# Digital time delay adjustable from 15 seconds to 30 minutes; ± 2% tolerance
# Integrated light level sensor works from 4 to 190 footcandles
# 3.3" diameter x 2.2" deep (85mm x 56mm), extends approximately .36" from ceiling

Lot of (2) wattstopper ci-200 occupancy sensors Lot of (2) wattstopper ci-200 occupancy sensors