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60KV, high voltage, voltage multiplier, tesla, laser

60KV Max, High Voltage, High Current, Voltage Multiplier Parts Kit - Quantity of 1
1. Quantity (4) 40KV 2000pF. New state of the art Strontium Titanate ceramic capacitors, ($100-150 USD each from most US vendors)
2. Quantity (12) 12KV / 250ma. New < 100nS fast switching high voltage diodes ( 3 in series for each stage) These diodes have a 20amp single cycle surge rating! ($14 each from US Vendors)
This Voltage Multiplier: When assembled can handle up to 18KV input maximum, at up to 50KHz. We have chosen to offer you large 2000pF 40KV capacitors, so that even with 60 cycle input, you should have no problem getting into the ma output range, thats milliamps, not microamps!!!
When using HF 15KV input, like from a flyback at 20KHz, then 40-50KV output, at up to 100ma output current is possible with this multiplier design.
If you want an even higher voltages, then you can combine more than one of these parts kits. For example:
Using a cheap 12 KV 20ma HF neon sign transformer you can achieve 40-50KV, at 4ma output with no problem. I would recomend the newer HF neon sign transformers because with these the multiplier is far more efficient if you feed the high frequency HV from the neon sigh transformer into the multiplier.
For protection I would recommend putting 5watt, 200ohm ceramic resistors, between the 4 capacitors. Also add 1 of the same resistors to the input and output legs.
Failure to do this is why so many amateurs fry their multipliers diodes, when a spark discharge occurs. Think about it:
If you get a spark discharge then you are dumping the capacitors thru the diode stack, the diodes only have a 20 amp single cycle surge rating, these resistors will dampen this surge. These resistors are plain common cheap 5 watt 200 Ohm resistors, no high voltage ratings needed.
This components set is capable of 100ma output, at 60KV max, for short times, assuming of course a 20KV .5A HF input is delivered. (From your power supply, not included).
This VM set uses extra large, more expensive ceramic capacitors, in order to make it usable down to even lower line frequencies, it can deliver:
(a.) Up to ma range output with even 60 Cycle, high voltage input.
(b.) Up to 5-10 ma output at 400-800Hz, which can be obtained from 60 cycle steel core 15KV 30-60ma neon sign transformers, if you use a 400 - 800 cycle inverter, or an 110V, 400cycle aircraft generator for example, to drive the neon sign transformer.
(c.) Max rating is delivered at 10-30KHz high voltage input. *Please read the note below ref: HF neon sign transformers.
The absolute maximum continuous input rating for this VM would be 200ma at 20KV, this would give 60KV at about 40-50 ma output. A soft start feature, or input resistor, would be best for diode protection at this level.
* Off the shelf HF neon sign transformers now offer 12KV at 20-30ma at 15-20KHz. This will give you 44,000 - 48,000V, with 4 to 7ma output, with this VM. You can also parallel these transformers for higher currents. (Sorry I do not have a schematic on how to parallel them) Info on how to parallel transformers is on the net.

60KV, high voltage, voltage multiplier, tesla, laser 60KV, high voltage, voltage multiplier, tesla, laser 60KV, high voltage, voltage multiplier, tesla, laser