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36" inch tapeswitch ts-46 sensing edge
Medium profile, crimp-on mounting*
Compliance before actuation - 3/4" overtravel
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A Tapeswitch sensing edge is an electrical switching device consisting of a compliant housing and an internal ribbon switch. The housing may be constructed from a number of different materials, including PVC, EPDM, and TPE. When activated, a sensing edge functions as a normally-open, momentary-contact switch. Activation occurs when a force applied to the housing is transferred to the switching element and causes a contact closure. When the force is removed, the contacts open again.
http:// /Sensing_Edges/images/edge_operation.jpg
The TS-46 Sensing Edge is a general purpose, medium profile edge. It has some compliance before activation, eliminating nuisance tripping, and provides about ¾” of overtravel cushioning after activation. This edge also exhibits excellent side activation. Mounting is in crimpable aluminum channel (flat or angle), which is more tamper-resistant than snap-in channel.
The Santoprene TPE housing is resistant to water, oil, hydraulic fluids, and coolants. The internal switching element is rated for 3 million operations at any point. All TS-46 Sensing Edges are supplied with 4-lead fail-safe wiring and are compatible with Tapeswitch Interface Controllers.
* Compliance before activation eliminates nuisance tripping
* 3/4 "over travel provides cushioning after activation
* Excellent side activation properties
* 4-lead fail-safe wiring is standard
* Obstruction detection on power operated doors, gates, and stage lifts
* Collision detection on moving conveyors or platforms
* General applications for small sensing bumpers
0.75" (19 mm) after activation
28 Vac or Vdc at 1.0 amps max.
2 x 20/2 AWG, Dri-Run, 72" long, 3/16" dia.
IP67, -30 to 170°F (-34 to 77 °C)
Aluminum crimpable channel (flat or angle)
This unit is still in orginal plastic packaging, and was only opened for pictures!
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