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Smt capacitor 0805 (npo only) design kit

SMT Capacitor 0805 (NPO Only) Design Kit
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This SMT Ceramic Capacitor Kit (0805 - 45 NPO Values) has 10 pieces each of 45 different common NPO SMT Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor values in the 0805 SMT package. There are a total of 450 SMT Ceramic Capacitors in this great kit. It includes values of SMT Ceramic Capacitors in the low picofarad range from 1.0pF to 510pF.
NPO capacitors have a linear temperature coefficient over the range of -55° C to +125° C, low loss, and have a negligible change of electrical properties with time, voltage, and frequency. This kit consists strictly of NPO dieletrics, rated 5% at 50V.
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