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New k-tek electronic flow switch, flo-detect series 6.5"

K-Tek Electronic Flow Switch, Flo-Detect Series, Flange Mount
The Flo-Detect sensor head employs two temperature sensors with a constant low power heating source physically attached to one of the sensors. This creates a temperature differential between sensors which is greatest at no flow and decreases with flow across the sensors. Changes in the rate of flow are detected by the Flo-Detect switch as the flowing medium removes heat from the heating source. The amount of heat dispersed is relative to the flow rate across the sensor. This technology allows very low flow rates to be detected with typical rangeability of 200:1. Compensation for process temperature changes is made automatically and does not affect calibration.
The Flo-Detect switch electronics offer the latest technology including constant current sensor/heater excitation, precision signal amplification and highly reliable and repeatable switch point operation. Field calibration is accomplished by simply adjusting a potentiometer on the circuit board to the desired setpoint.
Flo-Detect switches using the thermal dispersion operating principle are very effective even when used with highly viscous liquids or slurries.
This unit was purchased for a project that was later cancelled. This switch is new and has never been installed. Unit is in NEW condition and guaranteed not DOA. While we do not have original packaging, the item will be packaged safely and securely.
Sensor Head Type - FX Series, Standard
Process Connection Flanged - 2" Flange
Process Temperature - -50 to +350 F
Single Switch Point Output - SPDT
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New k-tek electronic flow switch, flo-detect series 6.5