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.0033UF @1600 volt "orange dip" film capacitors qty=10

* ...Always a Money Back Guarantee
CAPACITOR Specifications and Features
* Premium quality - constructed with special series metalized polypropylene film dielectric MPM.
* Electrode and lead spot welded, equivalent series resistance (ESR) minimized.
* Excellent replacement for paper/wax capacitors in tube audio/amps/radios where extra high voltage protection in needed ie buffer capacitor in car tube radios.
* Rated Voltage: 1600 Volts DC
* Test Voltage: 160% of Rated Voltage for 60 sec (ie 2560 Volts for one minute)
* Orange Epoxy dipped Orange Dips for superior heat, moisture and solvent resistance.
* Non-Inductively Wound with Self-healing property
* EXTRA Long (30mm) tinned copper radial lead wires for easy "under chassis" installation.
* High reliability and excellent long term stability.
* High corona starting voltage
* Low DF and inherent temperature rise. High current rating and right dv/dt.
* Flame retardant epoxy coating (UL-class 94V-O).
* Space saving compact size.
* Operating temp. range:-40 to +85 C.
* Capacitance tolerance +/- 10%.
* Capacitance Range: All sizes 0.001uF thru 0.01 (for over 0.01 uF we sell 1600V Ceramic Disc type capacitors).
* Dissipation Factor at 1KHz =< 1%
* Insulation Resistance(min): 50000 Mohm at 25C.
* Ideal for high frequency and high pulse circuits, such as switching, power supplies, electric ballast, TV/Monitor resonance circuits, tube radios, old car radios.
* ISO 9001 & 9002 certified.
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Name & Address: David Cantelon, 6 Ferncrest Gate, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada, M1W 1C2

.0033UF @1600 volt