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Zaytran 3/4" stroke precision air gripper gpl-10

This is a Nice Zaytran Inc. Parallel Motion Air Gripper, Model GPL-10.
Gripping Force - Opening: 26.9 lbs.(12.2 kgf)
Gripping Force - Closing: 17.2 lbs.(7.8 kgf)
Gripping Force:@ 100 PSI(6.8 bar)
Approximate Weight: .75 lbs.(340.2 g)
Maximum Operating Pressure: 250 PSI(17.0 bar)
Thousands of ZAYTRAN parallel grippers have demonstrated machine tool quality in die casting, forging, and other torturous environments. Bodies are hardcoated to a Rockwell(c) 70 hardness.
All cylinder bores are roller burnished and TFE impregnated to improve seal life and minimize friction. The pistons are ground and electroless nickel-plated for environmental hardening and to minimize seal friction. Gib plates are hardened and ground and the solid steel movable, jaw-mounting slide is electroless nickel-plated. ZAYTRAN parallel grippers are engineered to go 10,000,000 cycles and beyond!
Synchronous grippers utilize ZAYTRAN US patent number 4591199. The force and synchronizing double helix are independent systems. The double helix works only to center the part to ±0.001 inches.
All of the gripping force is provided by two pistons that are driven pneumatically. The independence of the force and synchronization systems provides precision over the typical 10,000,000+ cycle life of the unit.
These units are ideal for the transfer of products during assembly or pick and place operations.
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I will fully guarantee this great unit.
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