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Pro-face 4 channel analog output unit fn-AD04AH11

4 Channel Analog Output Unit
This came in an endlot of industrial electronics.
There is no box, so we are calling it used.
We do not believe it has ever been put into service.
Allowable Voltage Range: DC20.4 - DC28.8V
Allowable Voltage Drop: 10ms or less(Power supply DC24V)
Internal Power consumption: Under 4.8W
Voltage Endurance: AC500V 10mA 1 minute
between power/input and output, and FG terminals
(between primary and secondary sides of power supply)
Insulation Resistance: Above 10Mohm at 500VDC
between charging and non-charging parts
In-Rush Current: 30A or less
Ambient Operating Temp: 0*C -55*C
Ambient Humidity: 30% RH to 95% RH (non-condensing)
Storage Humidity: 30% RH - 95% RH
Atmosphere: Free of Corrosive Gases
Noise Immunity (via Noise Simulator) :
Electrostatic Discharge Immunity:
35-mm Din Track or Screw Mounting
Cooling Method: Natural Air Circulation
Output/Input Channels: 4 (fixed)
Conversion Time: Max. 2msec/4 channels
Input/Output Range Selection:
Calibration Function Set Upper
and Lower Limits of Each Range by a Switch
Accuracy: 0.3%/FS (25*C/70*F) 0.5%/FS (0*C/32*F-55*C/102*F)
Isolation Method: Photocoupler Isolation
Between output terminal and internal circuit.
Post Conversion Processing: -
Coversion Timing: Continual Conversion of all channels
We Can Offer No Installation Advise
Kodak Photo Supplies are Not Our Bag,