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Generator alternative bps sentinel 220D -120V or 240V

Quickly becoming our most popular model for off-grid applications, the 220D is capable of 120 & 240V!
Extreme weather, equipment failure, construction, and human error cause power outages that affect millions of people each year. As the digital age grows, many find an even greater need for emergency power critical to health and the economy. The Sentinel can also be used in conjuntion with renewable power, or any standard gas generator.
BPS Systems provide 24/7 instant backup power for critical loads in homes and businesses in a single ready to install system.
The BPS 220D operates independently and automatically to ensure a seamless transfer when the power goes out.
High Quality Components, Complete System
The ultra-quiet BPS 220D (dual inverter) standby power supply seamlessly transfers home from grid power to its bank of backup batteries during an outage. Provides 7500 surge watts and 3600 running watts of 120V or 240V. Delivers instant, steady stream of power for appliances and most computers for up to 72 hours*. Prevents backfeeding into power grid. When utility power is restored & stable, the BPS automatically switches back to main power and recharges batteries for next use (up to 1600 recharges). 2-year limited warranty.
* Backup power unit for power outages
* Produces 3600 running watts (x 2, 7200 total running watts, 14400 total surge watts, but split 120V) or 3600 running/7500 surge @ 120 & 240V
* 60Amps at 120V (split) or 30Amps @ 240V or 120V
* modified sine output (cleaner power output than most generators)
* Delivers steady power for up to 72 hours*
* Can safely power appliances and most computers
* Hardwired into home electrical system
* Can connect Sentinel to gas generator to recharge batteries during extended outages
* Can be installed anywhere in home (typically utilty room or garage)
* Can be used as power source for remote locations
* Can also be used with solar or wind power (requires charge controller and solar panel or wind turbine)
* 8 Interstate U2200 6V wet-cell 220 amp/hr rechargable batterries included
* $7399 for Concorde Brand AGM battery upgraded system
* Typically, the Sentinel 220D can provide 24-72 hours* of emergency power for 120V appliances. 240V standby time is less, call for better estimate.
* No transfer switch required (built-in), unless using in conjuntion with fossil fueled generator.
*Actual backup time varies by usage.
Can be used in conjunction with any standard generator (110/120V output) for prolonged outages.
Generator recharge time varies by electrical load placed on Sentinel during recharge, 2-8hrs typical.
¨ Installs into breaker panel*
¨ Switches back to utility power when restored & stable
* must be installed by licensed electrician
BPS 220D: AC Input Voltage- 220 VAC, Continuous Power- 3600 VA, 7200 When used for 120V appliances, Output Voltage-60A @ 240V, or 30A @ 120 for 110V
applications, 20 VAC, Surge Capability- 7500 (x 2 if split) AC & DC overcurrent protection and disconnects. (Only for indoor installation) Simply connect to the battery and AC loads and your system is operational. 60 amp AC system bypass allows servicing while staying connected to the grid or generator.
Specified temperature range: 32 F - 104 F (0 C - 40 C)
Physical Dimensions: 54”H x 36”W x 32”D apx. 800 lbs
BPS Systems are always a more environmentally friendly alternative to fossil fueled generators.
But did you know?.. BPS systems easily integrate with, and lets you utilize alternative energy!
Harness the power of solar or wind and make your own power!
All that is required (in addition to a BPS system) is a charge controller and a solar panel or wind turbine.
See alternative energy tax breaks online at
or 507/227-2923 After 5pm Central ST
Backup Power Source Inc. 2402 Maple Ave. Slayton, MN 56172
Complete BPS systems are utilized by state & local governments for backup & peak power management (solar),
and currently being university tested for miltary (hydro) use in remote regions.
The BPS is used in a variety of applications including nightime (quiet) use on a remote location, and recharged daily with a diesel generator.
An ultra-premium chocolate maker uses the system to keep their confectionary masterpeices at optimal temperature in the event of power loss.
An Indiana contracter uses the BPS for power at job locations where power is unavailable or a generator is just an expensive overkill.
Many of our clients have generators already, but use the BPS system at night, so the home owner, neighbors, & theives don't hear the noisy generator all night.

Generator alternative bps sentinel 220D -120V or 240V Generator alternative bps sentinel 220D -120V or 240V