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New bga reballing station 0.6MM 0.76MM template

New BGA balling reballing Station with 0.6mm 0.7mm universal stencils
for production and large BGA chip
This is a professional great BGA re-balling station for all the large CPU, Video chip, BGA component soldering / re-soldering works. Made of sturdy aluminium with beautiful blue coating and suitable for reballing BGA chips from 10x10mm to 50x50mm approximately.
The 0.6mm and 0.76mm universal stencils allow you to mask your specific hole pattern ( matched tape included) for fast chip reballing.
1. Stencils can be mask off hole for specific chip ball placement
2. Design with Balls compartment for continuous balling operation.
3. Easy Balls collection after process complete
4. Adjustable chip pillow, fit any size of chip.
5. Adjustable height for difference chip and better level.
7. 0.60mm template: 1.0mm pitch 50 x 50 balls, 0.3mm thickness
8. 0.76mm template: 1.27mm pitch 40 x 40 balls, 0.3mm thickness
1. Place the BGA chip on the reballing station and adjust the four positioning tabs, so that the chip is as close to the center of the station as possible.
2. Fix the tailor-made stencil to the upper lid of the reballing station.
3. Take out the BGA chip and apply a thin layer of solder paste to it.
4. Put the chip with solder paste back to the reballing station. Cover the upper lid/stencil. Notice the orientation of the lid/stencil so that the holes on the stencil match the pads on the BGA chip.
5. Pour solder balls on the stencil/upper lid.
6. Shake the reballing station and/or use a brush to swipe the solder balls so that the solder balls stick to the appropriate locations/pads on the chip.
7. Remove redundant solder balls. There is a slot in the upper lid that is designed for collecting redundant solder balls.
8. Remove the upper lid/stencil.
9. Take out the BGA chip with solder balls and bake!
1. Registered airmail to worldwide: 28USD, arrives in 10~15 days

New bga reballing station 0.6MM 0.76MM template New bga reballing station 0.6MM 0.76MM template