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Ge druck ptx 1210 pressure transmitter 0-2000 psi

* NACE compatible wetted parts
* Low-cost, rugged construction
* Class I, Div 1 Intrinsically safe certified
* Electrical Connection = DIN connector (demountable)
* Gauge configuration (sealed gauge for pressure above 1000 PSI
At the heart of the 1210 is an advanced, high stability pressure measurement element, micro-machined from single crystal silicon within Druck’s own Class 100 processing facility. The silicon element is mounted within a high integrity glass to metal seal and is fully isolated from thepressure media by a hastelloy isolation diaphragm, electron beam welded to the front of the glass to metal seal. Druck’s proprietary low oil volume isolation allows fast dynamic response plus minimal thermal error. The high output silicon allows for high overload capability.
Surface mount electronics condition the output from the silicon diaphragm, correct for thermally induced errors, and configure the output to the required 4-20 mA or 1-5 Vdc output. Advanced design features built into the electronic circuitry enable minimum sensor size with the utmost reliability. The electronics incorporate power supply regulation, reverse polarity, overvoltage and short circuit protection, coupled with EMC protection components.
The fully encapsulated solid state design ensures integrity of product under high levels of shock and vibration, with an ingress protection rating of NEMA 4X, depending on electrical termination selected.
Some configurations allow access to zero and span potentiometers for adjustments during set up and calibration. Others are fixed and cannot be adjusted.
A range of stainless steel pressure adapters are available to modify the standard 1/4”NPT female pressure port.
The PTX 1210 is ideally suited to meet the rigorous demands of the Industrial, Automotive, Aerospace and Oil & Gas markets.

Ge druck ptx 1210 pressure transmitter 0-2000 psi Ge druck ptx 1210 pressure transmitter 0-2000 psi